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  • RF Lesion Generator for Neurosurgery

RF Lesion Generator for Neurosurgery

Model: RFE2-C

Product Description

RF Lesion Generator for Neurosurgery, which is a medical device for minimal invasive therapy, has the clinical applications in Neurosurgery Department:

1. Parkinson's disease;neurosurgery functional diseases, such as Parkinson's Disease and Torsion Dystonia, by the combination of the stereotaxic technology and thalamotomy and/or pallidotomy.

2. Intractable epilepsy.

The intracerebral depth electrodes are multi-contacts electrodes dedicated to SEEG recording and to short stimulation in the context of pre-surgical diagnosis of epilepsy, and also to thermocoagulation, as therapeutic alternative of the conventional surgery.

The thermocoagulation can be directly performed with the electrodes previous implanted. It is realized between two contiguous micro contacts, using a compatible RF generator and a SEEG box.

3. Trigeminal neuralgia and various neuropathic pain.

▶ Special design for Neurosurgery

▶ Compatible with Temperature-controlled Electrode and None Temperature-controlled SEEG Electrode

▶ Impedance Control Technology in SEEG mode

▶ Varied SEEG Electrode Modes

▶ Auto Intelligent control technology

▶ Friendly user interface, easy to operate

▶ Full digital with TFT LCD touch screen

▶ Compact and easy to move with handle